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Port of Djibouti

overviewPortDjibThe Port of Djibouti is located at the southern entrance to the Red Sea, at the intersection of major international shipping lanes connecting Asia, Africa and Europe. The port is a minimal deviation from the principal East-West trade route and provides a secure regional hub for transhipment and relay of goods.

Since 1998, the port handled 100% of Ethiopia’s maritime traffic, which moves to and from Addis Ababa by truck and rail. To accommodate this important business, the Port has made an additional 20 ha of dry yard area available. The port of Djibouti is ideally located to serve the COMESA market, linking 19 countries and 380 million people.

The Port of Djibouti is compliant with ISPS standards and has been certified by Lloyd’s Register as being in full compliance with the ISO 28000 security management standard.