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qualityCommitment to service excellence

In Doraleh Container Terminal, Quality elements that are important to us are reliability, flexibility, availability, time, , control, and after sales support. Overall, it is important for our terminal to provide services that deliver excellent quality and fit into the value chain of our customers.

The Quality team from the QHSE Department is responsible to assist the development as well as the revision and implementation of quality standards and policies in Doraleh Container Terminal.

The Maintenance high level of customer satisfaction and consistently meeting the required international standards is also its main responsibility. They implement continuously systems that facilitate productivity, improve processes and ensure efficiency.

Since it could be possible to show structural measurement of quality and this also holds for the Container terminal services, the value of services in Doraleh Container Terminal is appraised with the following scopes:

• Perform quality assessments
• Implement and sustain Quality Management Standards such as ISO 9001:2008
• Consult with All Department Managers’
• Communicate with internal department of DCT
• Train employees on quality measures and company policies
• Investigate systems’ failures and issues
• Coordinate and manage the implementations of new standards into practice.
• Pursue self development and training in current quality principles.

The Quality team also conducts quarterly internal audits throughout Doraleh Container Terminal, where the overall documentation control and record keeping is monitored and regulated.