Security, Safety & Environment


safetySecure business environment

Doraleh Container Terminal is committed to provide safe operations in compliance with DP World Safety rules and regulations. The security of our staff, the commercial shipping community and our visitors are of paramount importance to us and there appears and highlighted by the recognition and appreciation of the importance and need for training programs on Port Safety and Environment protection for all those who entering in our Terminal premises .

Since Doraleh Container Terminal is playing the role of main link in the Logistic Supply Chain, the Health, Safety and Environment Department has implemented several training courses which include the following scope:
•  Workshop Safety Induction (Terminal Area)
•  Health and Environment protection
•  Workshop on first aidIn the same concern of priority

The QHSE Department has initiated the “out of gate” safety awareness program in the aim to wide spread the Safety code and at meantime to enable our customers to fulfill with the stringent rules and procedures implemented in our Terminal.
In an effort to prevent any serious injury, the QHSE Department has set up planned safety inspections to all operation areas to provide an overview of the risk and hazards associated in the site as well as all operational equipments with particular tasks.

In order to ensure the safety of our workforce or any person entering in our facilities, the Safety Department has set up a code of practice which covers safety precautions for Terminal operations and gives recommendations for the better prevention of accidents, incidents, serious harms and injury.
This code of practices includes these topics:

•  Making the workplace a safe place
•  (how to safely access a ship’s hold, cargo deck or crane using machinery safely)
•  Using lifting machinery, appliances and loose gear
•  An employee’s or visitor own health and safety responsibilities
•  Hazard management
•  Emergency plans and first aid preparedness

Due to the inherent hazardous nature of cargo, the Terminal monitors the dangerous cargo with all applicable carriage regulations in compliance with the IMDG Code.

Every Quarter in a year basis, an internal audit is done in the Terminal premises in order to evaluate the various aspects of occupational health and safety management.

In our Terminal, the Safety committee observes all general terms of Safety regulations and Environment protection as it represents the backbone of our core business.

Doraleh container Terminal strives always to ensure a safe Terminal for a secure business.