techAdvanced technology

Doraleh Container Terminal endeavors to supply the logistic chain with the most advanced technology infrastructure in order to offer greater and reliable services, to meet the continuously growing customer’s requirements and finally reducing the maritime freight rates in an efficient manner.

The Terminal will introduce in a short period of time the Vehicle Booking System (VBS) which will allow a swift rotation of all vehicles to avoid any congestion at the gates.

With the newly launched radiation scanners, all containers will be controlled for radioactivity detection. Containers identified with radioactivity will be redirected to a specific area in order to proceed for an examination.

The Terminal combines Navis and Zodiac as a global technology standard for managing the movement of cargo to provide a holistic approach to operational optimization, enabling our customers’ to maximize the performance and reduce risk with innovative technology and world class services.

Doraleh Container Terminal offers to its valuable customers a web access for easier tracking of their shipments and in the meantime will help the streamline business processes.

Doraleh Container Terminal will be introducing new significant services and will implement soon the eDocumentation as well as the ePayment in the aim to reduce ultimately the time of document processes.